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Instructions for After the Berit
  1. I will apply a gauze with antibiotic ointment at the time of circumcision. It will fall off into the diaper, sometimes within a few hours, sometimes overnight. If it is still in place the morning after the berit, gently remove it. Soaking it with water makes it come off more easily. Once the gauze has fallen off or been removed, apply Neosporin or other antibiotic ointment to the penis at each diaper change for one week. No other bandage is needed after the initial dressing comes off.

  2. The edges of the incision may be swollen, and there may be a yellow scab around the edge, or on the head of the penis. This is part of the normal healing process, and it does not need to be removed.

  3. A small amount of bleeding is not unusual. If there is a lot of bleeding (spurting, or soaking diaper), press the penis up against the lower abdomen and apply direct pressure for 15 minutes. Don’t remove the dressing to peek during this time. If severe bleeding continues, call or page me.

  4. In some babies, especially if they are chubby, the penis may retract below the level of the surrounding skin. If this happens, gently push the skin down on either side of the penis with your thumbs, with each diaper change. It’s very important that the head of the penis remain visible for proper healing.

  5. If the skin is sticking to the head of the penis, gently push it down using a moist Q-tip.

  6. Most healing is complete in about a week. However, healing may take several weeks, and the penis may be swollen or discolored during this time.

  7. Diapering and gentle cleaning can be done as usual, but avoid powder for the first week. You can bathe the baby two days after the circumcision, or as suggested by your pediatrician based on the umbilical cord, whichever is later.

  8. Never hesitate to call or page me for any urgent concerns.

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